Archaeological Geophysical Services

Geophysics is rountinely used to search for archaeological artifacts such as building foundations, hearths, debris pits, grave sites and many other buried artifacts that are detectable with geophysical methods. In addition geophysical methods are used to help identify shallow geologic features that may assist in the identification of archaeological sites such as buried lakeshores, river valleys, etc.

GeoPotential has participated in a number of archaeological projects such as:

  Japanese WWII bomb shelter

Located in Luzon, Philippines this buried bomb shelter was identified from a Ground Penetrating Radar Survey.

The bomb shelter was used by the Vice Admiral in charge of the Kamikaze Corps.

Beeswax Wreck Project

This project consists of an EM61 Survey to locate metallic artifacts from a Spanish galleon that sunk in the

Nehalem Bay Area in the 1600's. The ship was transporting Beeswax from Manila, Philippines to Mexico.

The project is managed by NAGA.

For a good historical summary download "The Beeswax Wreck of Nehalem, Oregon".